Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

The reasons are the designs for unique features. Moreover, choosing the materials. The kitchen cabinets are oversize. That’s why our kitchen cabinets so expensive. The following are the top 5 reasons that makes kitchen cabinets so expensive.

1. Materials, the first reason why kitchen cabinets so expensive?

The reasons are about the choosing of the materials. The common materials are ceramic tiles and granite. Those materials are common in kitchen cabinets because it has the dirt roof function. Which materials can be used to avoid hard dirt from cooking daily. The owner doesn’t need to worry about the damage.

Besides those materials are ceramic, granite, and wood. It will have a good price for the kitchen. But when the kitchen cabinet is with those materials. It is made of metal, copper, or some luxury materials. The cost will be added more. So, being smart in consumption and choosing the kitchen cabinet. It will help in the way to own a decent kitchen cabinet. The kitchen cabinets are better when they fit into the house.

Furthermore, the drawer hinge makes kitchen cabinets expensive because of the material used to make the hinge. It usually comes from metal and copper, nickel. That’s why our kitchen cabinets are so expensive.

Luxury kitchen cabinet
Luxury kitchen cabinet

2. installation procedure 

The owner cannot install the kitchen cabinets by themselves because the installation needs many specialized skills to the procedure. Hiring a lot of specialists to install the kitchen cabinets. It makes an amount of money for those with great skills. It accumulated the total cost of the kitchen cabinet. In contrast, the owner wants to install the kitchen cabinets more cheaply. Hence hiring cheaper workers will make the total cost down.

But the owner of kitchen cabinets had to face a lot of problems. It is about a technical issue, difficulty for closing the kitchen cabinets door. In some cases, the drawer is not working. That’s why people love to buy kitchen cabinets from the shop. They always want to have a promotion with the kitchen cabinets set up. Though, the shop owners will provide the amateur worker. They are in an internship or a worker who is working for the first time. To avoid future problems related to kitchen cabinets. You have to pick a worker with an expert level. Therefore definitely make the kitchen cabinet more expensive.

3. The cost paid for the way makes kitchen cabinets so expensive.

making kitchen cabinets
making kitchen cabinets

The reason making kitchen cabinets is really expensive is the paid-for-made kitchen cabinets. There’s a lot of workers working on the supply chain in the factory. Who will finish the final kitchen cabinet? The cost for the workers is quite high. That will add up to the kitchen cabinet’s total cost. The payment for workers who make the kitchen cabinet. It will become more expensive when making it with a designer and engineer. The kitchen cabinet also costs more via ship service and purchase services. The supply chain includes the designers, workers, painters, technical workers, carpenters, and shipping staff after finishing the kitchen cabinet. The way to be sent to the consumers will cost a lot.

The kitchen cabinets’ price will go up more when it comes to the shop. The price for display, the kitchen cabinets, marketing, PR, and sales staff cost a lot of money. The consumer-on-hand kitchen cabinets and the factory one are a big gap difference. The kitchen cabinet was more expensive.

4. Specialized designs make kitchen cabinets so expensive.

The specialized design for kitchen cabinets will be expensive. Some owners want to personalize their home kitchen cabinets. Choosing a special symbol and shape in the kitchen cabinet is expensive. The kitchen cabinet will not cost a lot with simple features. In contrast, the cost will go up when adding some complicated features. Such as self-closing panel doors. Because those features need a lot of special skills to install.

5. The kitchen cabinets will become more expensive when it comes to custom design.

Custom design makes the price high
Custom design makes the price high

The owner of the house usually buys the house or the condo. There are the kitchen cabinets. In some cases, the kitchen cabinet is not there. Because the owner wants to build their furniture, they need to set up the kitchen cabinet independently. Hence the kitchen cabinets will need to have a custom design with personal house size. That’s very expensive because the kitchen cabinets need to be custom with many unique features, such as size, color, shape. Hence the paying for the designer will add up to the total cost of the kitchen cabinet. It will lead to the kitchen cabinet is expensive.

The number of kitchen cabinets in the kitchen rooms will make the cost more expensive. Some owners love to put a lot of blocks in the kitchen rooms. Therefore they tried to separate the kitchen cabinets with a lot of blocks. Commonly it will have the center kitchen cabinet and the border-covered kitchen cabinet. The cost will go extremely high with that amount of kitchen cabinet. The kitchen cabinet will become more expensive with the kitchen cabinets hardware. It once included some items like copper, metal. Following handle with luxury material, it will make the price more expensive.


Kitchen cabinets become expensive because of materials, labor costs, etc. But keep in mind that the money invested in kitchen cabinets is worth it. It will make the personal satisfaction go up. And the durable kitchen cabinet will last for a long time. The choice with a wised in the shop for will worth with an expensive kitchen cabinet.

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