How to unfreeze pipes in a mobile home

How to unfreeze pipes in a mobile home

How to unfreeze pipes in a mobile home is a common question. Frozen pipes are unfortunately a very common problem with mobile homes, especially in winters. If you face such an issue and want to fix it, follow the simple guide, and the problem won’t last much.


The first thing you need to do is to check if the faucets are working fine. If you have checked and there are no faucets that need to be repaired or replaced. Then you know your problem is with the main water line, not with the faucets. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when they realize their problems with the faucets are with the main water supply. When it comes to unfreeze pipes in a mobile home. The most simple solution is to check all the faucets if water is not coming out from the faucet. Then this means that the issue is in the waterline. If your faucet works in your kitchen and not in the bathroom. The issue is beneath the bathroom in your supply line.

If you have a frozen floor, then this might be the problem. When the pipes are thawing, they often burst when pushed beyond the point where they will fully defrost. This is why you need to make sure that the pipes are not blocked or cut off from the bottom underbelly of the home. You can often remove the area with a few screws and some heat guns. But you will have to replace the entire underbelly if it is too damaged. Again, it is better not to have the pipes burst when they are frozen than to find a solution after they have already burst.

Disconnect the Hot water line

Once you have checked the pipes under both the underbelly and the main water line. You can proceed to unfreeze the pipes. You need to disconnect the hot water from the main water line first. This will prevent damage to the furnace and any damage to the water heater. Unscrew the pipe nuts and remove them. Place the pine nuts in a bowl and set the pipes in the bowl on top of the nuts.

Remove The pipes

Once you have disconnected the water from the mainline, you can remove the pipes from the underbelly. This area is difficult to access without causing damage, so it is usually best left for professionals. You can use a heat gun to unbolt the underbelly and unhook the pipe nuts. Be prepared to deal with quite a bit of excess moisture when you do this job, so be prepared to move furniture and set up a barrier between the water and the underbelly. If you are using heat tape. It may be helpful to wrap the heat tape around both the pipes and the underbelly. But it may still come loose eventually.

Install a new sump

Once you have unbolted and removed the pipes from the underbelly, you can replace them with new ones and seal up the area. The best way to do this is to install a new sump, but you can also use underbelly drain tiles to fill the spaces. If you do not have these installed, you should install the new ones easily enough, and you should be done with how to unfreeze pipes in a mobile home in no time at all.

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If your pipes are completely frozen, you will have to find another way to bring water to the area. This could include using an ice scraper or using heat tape to cover the pipes. It will be necessary to either cut through the thickened and frozen material or place some type of cover over the pipe before unfreezing them. If you are dealing with pipes that need to be removed and replaced, make sure you contact a professional immediately to prevent further damage to the home or injury to you or your family.

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